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Why should you Partner with a VA?

Do you have a business?

Do you spend more time working on things that need to be done to run your business than on why you created your business?

Could your time and expertise be of better use creating or interacting with your customers than on so-called back office needs?

Do you need to Market your business but do not have the time or energy to keep up with the ever changing world of Social Media Marketing?

Do you simply need more hours in each day?

From projects as simple and time consuming as organizing that stack of business cards you have shoved in a desk drawer to complete project management. Want a newsletter to go to all of your contacts, research, email marketing, sales funnels, yes, all things easily handled by a VA. Product launch, Live events, Telesummits and Webinars are all things VA specialize in. VA’s can help take the daily business task off of your to-do list and let you focus on your passion, all the while knowing that those tasks are being done to the highest standard.

Here is a quick list of things a VA can do to help your business:


Pay Bills, Invoice Clients, Collect Receivables

Track Expenses, tax prep, Bank Reconciliation

Database Management

Set up a Client database

Arrange business cards into a database

Converts data to switch databases


Marketing plan and calendar set-up, Review Platform

And monitoring, Newsletter, brochures and email

campaigns design, Business Branding, articles,

news releases, interviews, Customer Satisfaction, surveys,

Social Media

Marketing Plan, Calendar, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords,

Instagram Stories, Twitter, Linked In

Blogs, Website optimization, SEO

Branding, emails gathering, chatbots

Human Resources

Places ads, monitor response

Sets appointment, Provides New Hire Paperwork, onboarding


SEO research, Finding new products, vetting, trends, how to’s, general information

Project Management

Coordinate subcontractors, suppliers, employees, and sites

Research, Order, monitor shipments, arrange delivery of products

Data Presentations, Classes, Webinars

Live Events / Online Events

Site, Platform,Recording, Editing, Presentation Slides,

Guest Arrangements, Hotels, Food, Vendors

Marketing, Registrations, Communication, Tickets

Monitor, Q&A, Tech support


Emails management, Calendar, Appointment Setting, Social tasks(thanks yous, holiday cards), Travel research

But why a VA and what is an Expert VA?

A VA allows the business owner to scale up their business without the added expense and risk of a employee.

The VA is only paid for the services needed, there is not the added expense of employee taxes, paid time off or sick leave.

A VA is already trained and able to work with you and adapt to your systems.

A VA will free up your time so that you can go back to focusing on what is important to you.

Do you have something you are struggling with or just do not have time to get to?

Schedule a free consultation and let us see if we can help. cc

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