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Is your computer vital to your business?

A company I work with just recently had a computer crash. Completely unexpected, as they always are. They thought they were ok, they had an external back up. It took us over a month to get them completely back up and running. Their main business specific software program lost over three months of data. Not horrific, but a lot of added work on top of not having the computer for a month. Do you know what it was like to go back to writing paper invoices and going through old files to find customer information, frustrating!

After a lot of research, this is what I recommended to them and what I recommend to you if you are looking at cloud storage for your business. Backblaze -- click the link for a free trial.

Take time to insure your business can keep running and be back up to full speed quickly in the worst case scenario. Ask me about other business services and ways we can help your business.

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