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How to stay organized at work

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Time Blocking

How and why you should try time blocking. The basic of time blocking is a type of scheduling that can help you manage your time better. It is setting a goal for what you want to accomplish and giving yourself time and a deadline to do it.

If you just try to follow your to do list, you might fall to Parkinson’s Law. The law simply states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” If you do not limit the time, by placing an end time, you will find ways to expand the early items on your to do list with out every having time for the later ones.

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the large to do list in front of you? Do you question when, where or why to start the large project that you have coming up? If you break things down into smaller task it makes it easier to see the end out there in front of them. Then when you block away time to concentrate on each task it makes it easier to manage and work productively on the project.

One of the advantages to time blocking is that you can use the time set aside for a specific task. Do not let yourself get distracted by other things. Ignore that email or Facebook notice, see down there on the calendar, you have set aside time to focus on returning emails or checking on social media. If you focus on the task at hand, you will be amazed at how much you can get done and how productive your days can be. While the cry for years was multi-tasking, we know how hard it is to have your mind switch from one task to another and back again. Once back at the first task, how many times have you had to stop and ask yourself where was I? With time blocking, you are dedicating your self to the task at hand for a set period of time.

If your interested in learning more, there are tons of videos and articles to help you along, or you could contact CLK Business Solutions and talk with us about Calendar Management, or even taking some of those small task off your hands.

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