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Ready to add a blog to your marketing?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Did you know that 47% of people consume 3 to 5 pieces of content before they buy a product or service. Do not call it research, that is only something they did in school ;-).

When you blog, not only are you providing information for your customers, but it is also another search engine entry. This will increase your search engine leads. The closing ratio on Search Engine leads is around 14.6% while the closing rate on direct mail is around 1.7%.

Blogging not only increases your social presence, but it is a way for you to connect with you audience. It lets your customers know why you use the process you do. What the best practices are for your industry. The type of products you use or recommend and why. It can share with them your background and history in the business. It will establish you as a leader and expert in your field and make you the go to source for quality information.

If you are ready to start blogging, here are our tips:

1) Plan and write at least 10 - 12 blogs before you begin.

2) Consistency is key, once you start, you want to keep up the contact.

3) When you post a blog, try to replace it in your stashed blogs so that you will always have content ready to go. Do not put it off and do not get behind.

4) Post to 3 or more social media sites.

5) Know your audience and target the social media platform they are on. Set up teaser post, let them know something is coming Create a poll, get them interacting; Ask them for topic suggestions;

Always reply to comments; (positive comments) Interacting with your audience, it builds rapport and makes you more human to them.

Below is one of our Blogging Planners. It is a place for you to brainstorm, plan and record your blog thoughts. It list the up coming holidays, official and fun, as a place to start your ideas. Put down reminders of topics you would like to cover or places you have found great facts and related content.

Not sure blogging is for you? Do you think it would be good for your business, but do not have the time to invest in setting up and maintaining a blog. CLK Business Solutions offers a free consultation and will setup, create and maintain your

blogs. Contact us today to find out more about our blogging and social media packages.

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